Getting HTML from any RichText item

HTML_logoLast week I blogged about sending the contents of a RichText field (including images and attachments) as an HTML mail. Today’s task was related: get the contents of a RichText item as HTML, knowing that the contents can be stored in the item as either MIME or standard RichText.

With the wrapDocument() function I showed you last week you can easily get MIME contents as HTML. It turns out that with some small changes you can use the same method to let Domino convert ‘standard’ RichText into HTML. You probably saw this in action already: create a document with RichText in the Notes client and edit it on the web. What’s new is that this method allows you to do it programmatically.

The trick is in the DominoRichTextItem class: it has two constructors to create it: using either a MIMEEntity or by giving it a RichTextItem. That’s all the info I needed to update my previous function:

 * Wraps a lotus.domino.Document as a com.ibx.xsp.model.domino.wrapped.DominoDocument, including a RichText item
 * @param doc document to be wrapped
 * @param richTextItemName name of the rich text item containing standard RichText or MIME  contents that need to be wrapped
private static DominoDocument wrapDocument(final Document doc, final String richTextItemName) throws NotesException {</code>

  DominoDocument wrappedDoc = null;

  Database db = doc.getParentDatabase();

  //disable MIME to RichText conversion

  //wrap the lotus.domino.Document as a lotus.domino.DominoDocument
  wrappedDoc = DominoDocument.wrap(doc.getParentDatabase().getFilePath(), doc, null, null, false, null, null);

  DominoRichTextItem drti = null;

  Item itemRT = doc.getFirstItem(richTextItemName);

  if (null != itemRT) {

    if (itemRT.getType() == Item.RICHTEXT) {

      //create a DominoRichTextItem from the RichTextItem
      RichTextItem rt = (RichTextItem) itemRT;
      drti = new DominoRichTextItem(wrappedDoc, rt);

    } else if (itemRT.getType() == Item.MIME_PART) {

      //create a DominoRichTextItem from the Rich Text item that contains MIME
      MIMEEntity rtAsMime = doc.getMIMEEntity(richTextItemName);
      drti = new DominoRichTextItem(wrappedDoc, rtAsMime, richTextItemName);


  wrappedDoc.setRichTextItem(richTextItemName, drti);

  return wrappedDoc;


Using this function you can wrap any document and get the HTML from a RichText item:

View view = db.getView("someview");
Document doc = view.getFirstDocument();

DominoDocument ddoc = wrapDocument(doc, "Body");
DominoRichTextItem drti = ddoc.getRichTextItem("Body");

String html = drti.getHTML();

6 Thoughts on “Getting HTML from any RichText item

  1. Great tip ! Will this give me the same result as when using : http://////?OpenField ?

  2. Would that also work in a standalone Java app? Or only inside an XPages app or OSGi plug-in?

    • Mark Leusink on July 13, 2014 at 11:53 said:

      Good question. It requires access to the classes so I think it will only work in XPages or an OSGi plugin. Not 100% sure though.

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