XPage Debug Toolbar v2 released!

A few minutes ago I uploaded v2 of my (prize winning) XPage Debug Toolbar to OpenNTF. This version has quite some changes in it. The biggest being that the toolbar was rewritten using Java/ managed beans.

Here’s a list of what’s new in this release:

  • The toolbar now uses a managed bean (and only a little SSJS). Biggest advantage of the bean approach is that you can now easily log messages from about anywhere with no restrictions.
  • Added the option to remove a (scoped) variable.
  • Added the option to easily inspect any scoped variable using the API Inspector (Tip: very handy for beans!).
  • When logging an error using dBar.error(), a full stacktrace can be included that can be shown in the Messages tab.
  • Added an error page: include it in a database (and set it in the application properties) to log errors to the debug toolbar instead of a dump on screen.
  • The toolbar now shows the Java heap size and allows you to run the server’s garbage collector
  • “importlist.xml” file updated for the OpenNTF import/export tool.
  • Option added to change the color of the toolbar (who hasn’t been waiting for it!)
  • Icons added for the toolbar custom control.
  • And of course (like any release list includes): “various performance and stability improvements”.

The new version can be downloaded from the project site on OpenNTF.

Have fun with it and let me know what you think!