New demos on Bootstrap4XPages: Select2 and Alerts

In case you haven’t seen them yet: I’ve added two new articles/ demos on Bootstrap4XPages.

The Alerts article shows how you can use the XPages built-in FacesMessages functionality to show Bootstrap-styled alerts to users. It also allows you to add the message on one page, navigate the user to another and show the message on that page using the multi-page messages PhaseListener described here.

The Select2 article shows you how to integrate the excellent Select2 plugin into your XPages. Select2 can be described as a combobox-on-steroids/ value picker that allows you to search in all options, work with remote data (using Ajax requests), do multiple selects and format the results using HTML.

Happy Bootstrapping!

(oh and I’m working on a couple of more articles, so stay tuned…)