Time for a new Notes/ Domino support model

I’m pretty happy with FP10: great that with we now have up-to-date Eclipse/ Java/ OSGi version. Despite some obvious glitches it works reasonably well for me. But if you read the blogs and follow Twitter: a lot of people are having issues. The current ‘gold’ version would have been a great beta (2) and with a couple of fixes a great release.

I can confirm that I also have most of the issues described in this blog post (and more). I also can/ really want to elaborate on them by providing more info/ screenshots just to make FP10 better.

​But… although I appreciate IBM (ArnazR) asking for more info in one of the more recent comments I don’t think that is the place. I also support software and absolutely hate it when people introduces new issues in a comments section.

​Creating PMR’s is way too much overhead. It is mentioned that a PMR exists for most issues. Can I simply add more info with just a line of text? Add a screenshot in under a minute? I don’t think so. Since I’m a consultant/ business partner and not a customer, I can’t even create PMR’s (seriously?). Don’t want to bother one of my customers for it neither.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a simple way to log the issue we’re having with FP10? Just have a look at the Github issues section for inspiration. ​The delivery model for Notes/ Domino has changed in light of what the rest of the world is doing. I think it’s time the support model follows.

PS. For ArnazR: have a look at the screenshot. I would also say that this help screen looks ‘curious’).