Error while using sessionAsSigner calls

Yesterday, apparently for no reason, I started getting all errors in my XPage application. Investigating it more I found out that the root cause was a problem with the sessionAsSigner function. The error I was getting was:

‘sessionAsSigner’ not found

So I started thinking what changed in the last week and might have caused this error. I made no configuration changes and performed no updates. The only thing I changed was that I started using the server with another user ID. I looked into the security and authentication settings and found absolutely no differences between the user ID’s.

After some more investigating I stumbled across a tweet from a user called HinkyMinky:

I resigned the database with my new user ID and all problems were solved!

4 thoughts to “Error while using sessionAsSigner calls”

  1. Unfortunately I observe behavior whem the sessionAsSigner error backs again after a while… (( And there are definitely no changes to server and app…
    Any ideas how to solve?

    1. Hello Andrew,

      Sorry, no idea. The only fix I needed is the one in this post.

      I checked the fix list database, but there are no mentions of issues with sessionAsSigner.


  2. Thank you, Mark, the problem just hit me, and signing helped. Thanks to HinkYMinky, also.

  3. This fixed the problem for me. Thanks Mark. As I’m not the only developer on our product that means that the Xpage breaks as soon as someone else modifies another design element. That’s quite bad. I’ll raise a PMR.

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