IBM Champion for 2013 and my appearance on NotesIn9

The new IBM Champions group for Collaboration Solutions for 2013 was announced yesterday and guess what: just as in 2012 I’m on the list! Big thanks to the people that nominated me (Patrick Kwinten, Wim Jansen) and the IBM selection committee for selecting me again. I’m honoured to be amongst that group of great people.

On a side note: as part of the “Drive To 99” I recently recorded a video for NotesIn9 talking about my XPage Debug Toolbar. If you haven’t watched it yet: go watch it here (tip: subscribe to the NotesIn9 podcast on iTunes for easy viewing)! Although recording my first screencast was difficult at first, in the end I found it fun to do and a great way to bring information across  Oh, and stay tuned for an amazing new release of the toolbar coming in a couple of weeks…

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