Bootstrap in XPages: now part of the Extension Library

bootstrap-logoToday IBM released a new version of the Extension Library (901v00_10 to be exact). The biggest news being that Bootstrap is now an official part of that plugin. They essentially took the Bootstrap4XPages plugin that Phil Riand and I have been working on and integrated it in the project. It’s great to see that IBM fully embraces Bootstrap to make XPages responsive (and good looking) and too see how a community driven project becomes part of the core product.

I already had a play with the new version and must say that Brian Gleeson and the rest of the team did an excellent job in extending the support of Bootstrap in the core controls: an area that could definitely need some work. They also improved the wizard to create a new application layout.

Unfortunately some parts of the plugin didn’t make it to the Extension Library, like the embedded Select2 support. I hope they’ll be able to add that again (and/or other useful Bootstrap plugins) in a future release.

If you want to see the new plugin in action: just visit Good to know: the Select2 demos on that site are still powered by the Bootstrap4XPages plugin showing that that plugin can happily coexist with the Extension Library on the same server!

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    1. Looks like they needed to put some final fixes in 🙂

  1. Wow, this really great news. My next question is when will the next version of Notes contain the new extLib, for the xpinc support. This would truly give a write once run anywhere experience; Mobile, Desktop Browser, Notes Client offline.

  2. This is excellent!

    Well done for your fantastic work, Mark. I’ve never been really impressed with IBM’s OneUI framework, too detailed, too restrictive – clearly a largest common denominator result. XPages are going to get a lot nicer-looking!

  3. Hi Mark,

    I have just installed version 11 of the Extension library on 901 server and client.

    I get The application /Bootstrap4XPages.nsf requires org.openntf.xsp.bootstrap.library. This library cannot be found when I try and run your demo database pulled from Github.

    Is there an easy way for me to check if the Bootstrap librarys is installed in the designer client and on the server.

    When I tell http osgi ss I get
    ** Live console connected to server **
    [19374:00058-3932993280] 12/27/2014 09:31:38 PM Opened live remote console session for Sean Cull/FoCul
    [19374:00058-3552556800] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM Remote console command issued by Sean Cull/FoCul: tell http osgi ss
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM Framework is launched.
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM id State Bundle
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 12 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 15 <>
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 17 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 20 RESOLVED
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 21 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 25 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 28 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 29 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 32 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 33 ACTIVE
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 146 INSTALLED
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 157 INSTALLED
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 160 INSTALLED
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 185 INSTALLED
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 205 INSTALLED
    [20049:00002-2786735904] 12/27/2014 09:31:41 PM 212 INSTALLED

    I have tried installing updateSiteOpenNTFExtended and then updateSiteOpenNTF and in designer updateSiteOpenNTF-designer

    Thanks, Sean

    1. Hi Sean,

      The problem probably isn’t your installation, but the fact that my demo database still depends on the bootstrap4xpages plugin. You have two options: (1) install the bootstrap4xpages plugin too or (2) remove the dependency from my demo database: if you remove it from the list of dependent libraries and recompile the database it will point you to the problematic design elements.

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