Marky & Mark’s ‘mobile first’ ConnectED Sessions demo app

In about two weeks time IBM’s ConnectED takes off. We (that’s me and Marky Roden) were fortunate enough to be allowed to speak there with a brand new session titled “The Future of Web Development – Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino”.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 10.12.56And of course there’s gonna be demos. Lots of them. But we wanted to make them useful too. So we decided to create a ‘mobile first’ Sessions demo app. Check it out at

and be convinced to come to our session!

A little about the app: it was built using AngularJS as the MVC framework. It uses Bootstrap for the UI (with the Bootswatch United theme to be exact). The data comes from a Domino database that’s exposed using the standard REST API from Domino Access Services. The session data comes from the Totally Unofficial Totally Unsupported IBM ConnectED Session Database by Mat Newman and others. Huge thanks to them for putting this together again!

Oh and if we haven’t convinced you to come to the session, listen to this:

5 thoughts to “Marky & Mark’s ‘mobile first’ ConnectED Sessions demo app”

    1. Thanks for pointing that out!

      I’ve added the missing R1 sessions. You might need to clear the browser’s cache to view them directly, since the sessions are cached locally for a couple of hours.

      1. Well done guys. Too bad I won’t see you this year Mark but good luck with the session!

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