Auto Logins for IBM Domino/ XWork server (great for mobile apps!)

I just released version 1 of a new project of mine on OpenNTF. It is called “Auto Logins for IBM Domino/ XWork server“. You can use the application to add a “Remember me” option to any Domino/ XWork login screen. Based on an application setting the server can remember you for a number of days. When you re-visit the server, it recognizes you and will automatically log you in.

This is a great feature for any web (XPage) application, especially mobile web applications: it will make using the application a lot easier/ user friendlier.

The application uses the LTPA generator snippet that has recently been published on the XSnippet site by Serdar Başeğmez (thanks Serdar!). The algorithm that has been used for the remember me feature is described here.

I’ve written the application using a (customized) standard Domino login form and a couple of XPages (using managed beans). The user logging in is remembered by sending him a cookie. That cookie contains a token that is validated against a database of (hashed) tokens, including an expiration date. Note that the user’s password isn’t stored in any way or used in the cookie.

Update: The 1.0 release had local database encryption enabled. Download v1.01 for the version without encryption. 

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  1. I downloaded it from OpenNTF, and placed the database on the server. When I sign the database, I get an error about local encryption of the database.
    Can you provide a copy of the database without encryption?

    1. Oops… did a Designer reinstall last Friday and forgot to change that setting. I’ve added a new release on OpenNTF (v101) without encryption.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Cool code.
    1) Is there a domino only version as I do not run xpages task on all servers?
    2) Does the logout button disable the remembering?
    3) You should enter the OpenNTF competition

    1. Hi Adam,

      1) No, sorry. This version was built using XPages and managed beans so that’s a requirement. Although it’s probably possible implement the same algorithm using ‘traditional’ Domino web development, that’s not on my to-do list.

      2) Which logout button? A basic logout (?logout) only kills the session. A custom logout function that disables the remembering should remove the rememberMe cookie. There’s a sample page in the database that does that.

      3) You’re right! That was on my todo list. I’ve just sent the email…


    1. No. It’s now called “Auto logins for IBM Domino/ Xwork server”. It can be accessed using the link in the right sidebar of this blog.

  3. Hi,

    Does anyone know whether the project has been relocated or discontinued? It seems to have been removed from

  4. Hi,

    Having a username containing non-English characters displays an incorrect username if the user are login in a second time using the remember me function. Any chance this can be solved?
    Anders Näslund becomes Anders Nõslund

  5. Hi,
    when I using the link in the right sidebar of this blog , the page shows “Project Auto Logins for IBM Domino can’t be found”…

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